South Asian History Final Exam

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Part I—(25 Points) Please identify the persons/concepts/events below- you should explain who/what they are and give an approximate date. Explain why these people, events, or concepts are important in South Asian history. All terms below are from class readings and lectures, do not use internet sources. USING THE CLASS READINGS (online searches will likely not produce the same results)

  1. Mujibur Rahman
  2. Bahadur Shah Zafar
  3. INA
  4. Morely-Minto Reforms
  5. Eight Amendment

Part II: Essay 75 points—Select one of the two essay questions. Please make sure that you read these questions carefully and answer all parts of it. Your thesis should be well organized and give a precise response to the question without being too general or re-phrasing the question itself.

Option 1: How did different forms of nationalism emerge in South Asia in the early twentieth century? To what degree were these forms of nationalism responsible for the partition of colonial India in 1947?

Option 2: Do you agree with Bose and Jalal’s arguments about the successes and failures of India and Pakistan as states after 1947? To what degree do you think census records and other sources complicate their argument?

Please read the essay prompt carefully and answer all parts of the question in your thesis/intro paragraph. Working on a strong Introduction, and paragraph with a clear thesis that answers all parts of the prompt. If you are careful about finding good illustrative examples to back up what you argue in the thesis and have a fully fleshed out argument, you should be fine. Must also based on the class readings(I will upload it later).

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