PSY 832 Week 5 DQ 1 response to classmate Darriri

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Please provide a 250 word response to the below question using at least 1 cited article or journal and please reference in APA 6th edition format. Reference needs to be within response and at the end.

Organizational leadership is a necessity because observing and assessing participatory development can be challenging for various reasons. Participants may have different viewpoints, intentions, and judgments on different issues pertaining to the organization (Hassenforder et. al, 2016).

The six data-collection methods on leadership performs sanctions to support the understanding of progress of leaders within the organization. When trying to link the appropriate individual to the assigned tasks based upon characteristics and quality of success in organizational skills and planning the trait questionnaire can assist in this area (Northouse, 2015). The data analysis is used to identify the leadership skills and habits of individual perceptions of leaders and their subordinates (Northouse, 2015). Technical, human, and conceptual skills are also measured by an inventory skills assessment. This assessment is used to identify strengths and weaknesses on individual abilities and capabilities to be performed as a leader (Northouse, 2015). While examining the disposition of the individual, outside perceptions are used to help justify or clarify data on leadership qualities or abilities found with the use of a leadership questionnaire (Northouse, 2015). This feedback given by others is often measured with or by the individual’s ability to self-examine him or herself. Another questionnaire is administered that measures how well an individual plans and meets his or her leadership goals. This would be an assessment to identify the path/direction the leader plans to go by use of a path-goal leadership questionnaire. The objective of this questionnaire is to provide analysis on how directive, supportive, engaged, and success driven the leader appears to be. Finally, there is the multi-factored leadership questionnaire, which are company or organizational driven questions designed to identify target behaviors met or not met that is needed to perform the role of being an organizational leader. This questionnaire measures the ethical judgments of the leader as well as his or her integrity and dedication to the organization. The scale is twofold, a rate on carried out responsibilities or tasks, and demeanor on carrying out tasks as evaluated by co-workers and subordinates.

Culturally, the six data collection method is a bit much. In Japan there is 5S method, which was created and made famous by Hirano (1995). The 5S is a method of producing and keeping a well-organised, clean, highly effective and high-quality workplace. In the similitude of the six data collection method the purposes is to assure that the organization stands firm to its foundation and goals for success and development ( Marria, et. al, 2016 ) Thus, the UK decided to continue with their version of environment efficiency with a 6S managerial plan( Marria, et. al, 2016 ).

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