Sociology quiz

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Which statement is true of individuals who develop anorexia nervosa and bulimia?

A.They are typically nonconformists

B.They often have difficulty maintaining friendships.

C.They typically struggle academically.

D. They are often strongly attached to their parents.

2/ BANISH was modeled after

A. Alcoholics Anonymous.

B. Managed Long Term Care.

C. Family Systems Theory

D. Mental Health America

3/Eating disorders are most prevalent among all of the following except

A. Young

B. White

C. Poor

D. Women

4/ A transitory period of norm violations which do not affect an individual’s self-concept or performance of social roles is known as

A. primary deviance

B. purging

C. Secondary deviance

D. Binging

5/ The critical mediator affecting the group members’ movement through deviance is

A. societal reaction

B. health status

C. human behavior.

D. genetic predisposition

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