The Purpose of Criminal Punishment

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You are a court appointed attorney for an alleged murderer. During one of your attorney-client meetings, the accused discloses the fact one week ago he abducted a 5 year old boy from a local playground, murdered him and buried the remains behind his house. After your interview with him, you find an article in a local newspaper where a mother is pleading for information about her missing son.

You are currently faced with an ethical dilemma. The information you received was provided in confidence during an attorney-client meeting, and you would be disbarred if you revealed this information. Your assignment is to write a response on what you would do in this situation. The response you provide is to be supported by research and should be written at a graduate level.

NOTE: With this situation, your client will not disclose the information; therefore, attempting to convince him would not work, so do not focus on having your client do the right thing.

Your paper should go beyond the obvious, be written at a graduate level, the body must be no less than 1200 words, abstract. You must use no less than three additional resources (other than your required text) that support your position. All resources used must be properly cited using the APA style. For credit, in your response, you must include at least three journal articles that support your information

You will now be graded on your APA formatting. You can lose points on each assignment if the proper format is not followed. You will not be given partial credit. Either you have it right or you do not. This means you must have a(n):

  • Cover Page: Running Head, Descriptor with page number, Title, Author, and University (no more, no less)
  • Abstract
  • Body: Descriptor with page number on all pages, research properly cited with (author, year) or for quoted material (author, year, page number). All of your comments and thoughts must be attributed to someone. The best way to do this is after you write a few sentences, ask yourself, who said this? Then cite the source.

References Page: All references must be in APA format and in alphabetical order. Most errors occur with the names of the authors; remember, it is last name and first initial. You also need the publisher and city. For online references, you have to put “Retrieved from and the webpage Do not include a link

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