Alexander the Great or his father, Philip II?, history homework help

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Between the two, who was the more successful ruler, Alexander the Great or his father, Philip II?

Your response must include:

  • at least three different rationale or criteria that you think are essential in determining which ruler was the most successful.
  • specific comparisons and examples that support your reasoning and describe why your chosen rationale supports your chosen leader as being more successful in comparison. next part is what is next.
  • this module, you learned about many Roman emperors, and the things they did right as well as the many places they failed. Now it’s your turn. If you had a time machine, which of the following emperors would you like to have lived under? Why?
  • Be sure to address:
    • Why you chose this emperor
    • What is it about them/their era that you find appealing
    • Why you did NOT choose the other emperors.
      • Be brief but specific in your reasons for not choosing the other emperors (ie: I didn’t want to live under X because he was known to…)

    Emperors to choose from:

    • Augustus
    • Nero
    • Caligula
    • Commodus
    • Constantine
    • Romulus Augustulus

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