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Post One:

As you can see – the very first sentence of the forum directions require Outside research this week (remember to cite please). Once you have found your ‘case’ – give us a brief description of the behavior and who/why the “whistle blower” made the decision to risk everything to report the situation. After that, I am sure you will be able to answer the other 3-4 questions. Let me know if you are not sure what the other questions are.


Use the internet or the library to research individuals who reported their employers’ illegal and/or unethical behavior. What effects have laws protecting whistleblowers had on the business environment? Did the companies change their policies and, if so, what effect have these policies had on the companies’ stakeholders? What effect did reporting the problems have on the whistleblowers themselves?

Part One Reply: (reply to this person)

Whistleblowers is a person who exposes any kind of information or activity that is deemed illegal, unethical or not correct within an organization that is either private or public. Jeffrey Wigand (2013), former executive of Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation said, “the company was hiding evidence that cigarettes were dangerous and addictive.” Saying that cigarettes can not cause cancer and they would target the younger generation. Wigand didn’t feel this information was true and that consumers should know the dangers of cigerettes. He went on 60 minutes to blow the whistle on the company.

US Department of Labor (N.D.) says, “helps protect an employee who files a complaint on a company.” Some of the ways the US Department of Labor helps employees from firing or laying off, to demoting and making threats. Intimidation or harassment, to failure to hire or rehire employees and reassigning affecting prospects for promotions. Companies can not reduce your hours or salary. You can not be denied your benefits or be disciplined. Blacklisting or denying your overtime or promotion you had coming a head of time.

Tim Barnett (1992) stated, “they did a survey on why companies should have policies on whistleblowers.” Whistleblowers surveyed 62% lost their jobs, 18% felt that they were harassed or transferred. Eleven percent had their job responsibilities or salaries reduced. Fifty-one percent of the incidents resulted in external investigations of the companies involved. Thirty-seven percent in management had shakeups and twenty-two percent had criminal investigations. Eleven percent were in indictments. This is the potential seriousness of whistleblowing.

It is unethical and wrong to not blow the whistle on employees doing wrong actions. Whether in the Accounting field or in management. You are working for the company and should have their best interest at heart. Not to steal money or inventory from your company. Even if it is the top executive that is doing wrong, you need to come forward to help get the company back on track.

Barnett, Tim (1992) Why your company should have whistleblowing policy


US Department of Labor (N.D.) The whistleblowers Protection Policy



Post Two:


Often times we hear of or see unethical acts related to business, but due to the fact that they are not illegal, there is no penalty for the harmful act.

For this week’s discussion, describe an unethical business act that should become illegal. Why should this act become illegal? What would be the penalties for someone who violates this new business law?

Part Two Reply: (reply to this persons)

Unethical acts happen all of the time as businesses. One that I can think of is advertisements of car brands. They have commercials on t.v. that show you how little of a payment you can have a vehicle for, but what you are missing is the $5,000 you have to put down in order to get that payment, or the payment calculators that are on dealer and bank sites (used in mortgages too) that show what your payment would be at the longest term possible, good interest rate, and tax title and license not included. I think this should become illegal for 2 reasons. 1. It is deceptive to consumers, even when it is in the small print…. NOT EVERYONE READS THAT, and no one UNDERSTANDS IT!!!! 2. I work in the car business, I can’t say that this help us, unless we are using it with the customer, and telling them what was left out, and what they can expect.

If someone violates this, they should be band from advertising for 3 months. I think that would be an eye opener for any business.


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