I have questions that i want you to answer it (philosophy)

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1. What is the method of inquiry adopted for this study? What is eros? what does it do? Why does it act in such a manner? What is the “golden rule”? Who are “the philosophers”?

2. What does the lover want and why? Is it a universal desire? Do all want happiness and the same good things?

3. What is it that love truly wants? Why does love involve both conception and birth?

4. What is it, in fact, that the various types of humans pursue?

5. What is the final revelation of the mystery of love?


6. What does the “greatest study” study? (184f) why does one study this subject? What do “the many” say the good is?What does Socrates study in place of the idea of the good? And why? (186f). What assumptions are they to accept before the inquiry begins formally? (187)

7. What is the “divided line”, explain how it is constructed and what it is supposed to relate. It begins on 509a p. 190. Review the sketch of the line on BB.

8. Describe the situation of the cave. (193f0 What is the stated purpose of the allegory? Who are these residents? Who frees them and why? Why does the prisoner ascend? What does he find outside of the cave? Why does he desire to go back into the cave? What good can he accomplish?

9. What is the task that Socrates begin at 521c? Describe the course of studies, where they start and where they end. What is the right use of “distinguishing the one, the two and the three”?


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