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Please do not plagiarize. My instructor will run this through Turnitin ( please provide a turnitin report)

The paper is already written (see attached). I just would like a revision of it.

Your final writing project for this course is a 9-10 page formal business report in which you will:

  • specify a real organization you have worked in/with
  • identify a real problem or situation within that organization that needs addressing
  • conduct research to help you analyze the problem and weigh possible solutions
  • describe the problem and recommend a course of action in a formal report that
  • targets a specific decision-making audience within the organization

How do I choose an organization?

You get to choose your problem and organizational context you wish to write in, but the important thing is that you choose an organization you actually are familiar with as a participant, as this tends to make better reports. You don’t want to just choose a random company like Nike if you have never worked for them, as you will not be able to really identify an actual problem within the company, or be able to suggest solutions that would actually work in that particular organization. You also wouldn’t have any ideas about how to persuade your audience, as you likely would not know who your report would be directed to or what their needs, expectations, beliefs, or values are.

You can choose organizations you currently work for or have worked for in the past, but you might also consider other organizations that you are involved with, for example, non-profit or religious organizations, military branches, student groups, parent groups, clubs, or hobbyist organizations. Sometimes students have not had jobs before – that is ok, as you have certainly been part of some organization in your lifetime; in fact, you are part of an organization right now by participating in this class! Park University does count as an organization you are part of and can propose solutions to.

What makes a good problem?

This is an important question to really think about as not every problem makes for a good report. One thing to consider is whether a formal report would even be appropriate or necessary to solve the problem you have identified. Some problems are fairly easily solved, have obvious solutions, or do not require research to find a solution. You want to choose problem that is

  • Researchable
  • Not yes/no or too obviously solved
  • A real problem that affects actual people, or that affect the organization’s productivity, effectiveness, morale, or profitability

A good report will:

  • Follow the guidelines and format on report writing
  • Use effective organization and document design
  • Use sources effectively to construct and support your position
  • Use effective and grammatically correct business style
  • Use you-attitude and positive emphasis
  • Use at least one visual you composed yourself, effectively
  • Be revised and edited, with the assistance of your peers and instructor
  • Cite sources appropriately in the text and in the reference page using a citation style appropriate to your field of study (MLA or APA style; other styles as permitted by your instructor).

Requirements that your report must have each of these parts

  • Cover Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Executive summary
  • Introduction
  • Body (with headings/subheadings as you choose)
  • Conclusion and Recommendations
  • Bibliography

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