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what did i learn from the class. My class is. english100. about it by saying i approved my writing skills like that….. the professor sent to us some information here it isThe self-reflection essay:
Think of yourself as the primary audience for your reflection. Here you will turn your newly-acquired rhetorical skills toward your own work. Remember the first three essays you completed for this class—the summary, the critique, and the rhetorical analysis? The strategies you learned in order to write those essays effectively can now be used in any reading and writing you do in college and beyond, including the self-reflection you must write to complete your portfolio.
Your reflection essay gives you a chance to turn your critical gaze toward yourself and your work. In this reflection essay, you are asked to synthesize and analyze content from your previous essays in order to describe your development as a writer throughout this semester. You will use your own essays as sources of evidence in order to describe in detail the ways that you have grown and where you might still need to grow as a writer, reader, and critical thinker. The reflection is a rhetorical self-analysis that will be developed by synthesizing several specific aspects of your writing from the included essays.
To do so, first consider how well you have met the course goals, which include developing:
• Techniques to write effective expository and argumentative prose
• Techniques to read, understand, analyze, and respond to expository and argumentative prose
• Invention strategies; techniques to develop a thesis, unity, and coherence in a piece of writing
• Ways to anticipate and address audience expectations
• Paragraph structure, transitions, logical development
• Choice of appropriate diction; development of sentence structure and style; understanding of connotations and denotations
• Revision, editing, proofreading
Next, focus on offering a detailed response to at least two of the following general questions:
• How would you describe your confidence in writing when you began the course? How has your confidence as a writer changed during the course?
• What work did you struggle with most, and what came the easiest?
• What was a turning point for you in your writing this semester?
• What aspect of your writing do you feel still needs improving?
Then, address at least two of these more specific questions by analyzing and synthesizing specific elements from the two essays you have included in this portfolio. Use content from the graded and revised versions of essays that you have included in the portfolio as evidence to support your analysis and synthesis.
• What aspect of your writing process (prewriting, drafting, revising, editing) has developed the most throughout the semester, and where do you most clearly see that growth demonstrated in this portfolio?

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