Hello, I need a hand with this assignment I am doing. Can someone please help with the part B of this assignment?

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Hello, I need a hand with this assignment I am doing. Can someone please help with the part B of this assignment?

Answer any four of the following six questions that relate to the Module 2 readings, using full sentences and short paragraphs as appropriate. Your responses should be clear and succinct, approximately 75 words in length per question. No single question should exceed 125 words.

Each question is worth five (5) marks.

  1. In “The Contribution of Emotionality and Self-Regulation to the Understanding of Children’s Response to Multiple Risk,” Lengua suggests ideas for future research. Can you think of two other ideas?
  2. According to Tiet et al., why might a higher IQ be beneficial in coping with adverse life events? Can you think of another reason?
  3. Why do Tiet et al. conclude that IQ is a more generalizable protective factor, compared to gender?
  4. The results of the study by Qouta found that mental flexibility increased resilience under what circumstance, but not under what other circumstance? Can you suggest a possible explanation for this finding?
  5. One study of adolescents found that more adolescents with bulimia nervosa recovered after receiving a family-based treatment than those receiving supportive psychotherapy. Can you suggest how resilience could be an aspect of prevention or either an integral component of successful treatment?
  6. According to Wong, what changes in emotional factors may help learning-disabled children make and keep friends? Why was this proposed as an important area for longitudinal research?

Part B: Essay (80 marks)

Write an essay (500 words maximum) (2-3 double-spaced word-processed pages) on one of the following topics. Be sure that you are presenting the concepts in your own words and that you include current information.

Your word-processed assignments should follow APA format for preparing your essay and citing sources. The Library has an APA style guide that might be helpful.

The following rubric may be helpful in helping you organize your assignment. The rubric will also be used to mark your assignment.


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