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scussion Prompt 2 xGT Stag Hunt – Game Theory .ne Xbunnies.learnliberty.orgXa 11984 (Signet Classics): Georg XBen Stein: We need governm…Q*G OPatrick TimmonsDiscussion Prompt 23 days agTake a look at this clip, please:’s quite surprising, really, a free market economist commentator (Ben Stein) on Fox News (pro-business, pro-capitalist) supporting government intervention in the economy…Now, after watching that clip, read the following and respond, please…Capitalism, socialism, and communism are ideologies (see the first two chapters) each proposing their own perfect relationship — an ideal — between government and the economy?(See chapter 4).But, in the real world, "there are no purely socialist or capitalist systems". (Van Belle, p. 138).Referring to exampled from at least one of the ideologies (capitalism, socialism, communism), discuss what Van Belle’s statement means to you. What does an acceptance of the realworld force you to accept about the relationship between government and the economy?Note to students:Often I find that many people have really distorted or incomplete notions of what an economy is. (It’s one of the reasons I didn’t ask you to discuss chapter 3 — surveillance andleadership and government are important, crucial things, but I think the emphasis this week needs to be on understanding how the economy is subject to political force). So, to aidunderstanding of economy, this key concept, please have a look at, and try to apply the first definition in your responses, following this link… AuthorAriel Calderon3 days agoAriel CalderonFor me, the statement of Van Belle makes sense. Like I said in the pervious discussion no government is perfect. I think that what Van Belle says is true because our government has a system of checks and balances

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