1) Historically, social mobility in the U. S. has??

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1) Historically, social mobility in the U. S. has??

never been higher than it is right now.

involved more downward than upward mobility.

more often been in the nature of long jumps between class, rather than short jumps to adjacent classes.

none of the above

3) In light of the tension between population and food in simple societies, which adaptive strategy is the most central to the ultimate development of stratification?



birth control

hunting and gathering

intensification of production

4) Comparing the occupational positions of people during early adulthood with their occupations at the peak of their careers would most precisely reveal??

structural mobility.

intergenerational mobility.

circulation mobility.

intragenerational mobility.

none of the above.

4) With evolution to agricultural societies, the division of labor became far more complex because???

there was now money available for human investment.

education and schooling became essential for everyone.

now people no longer had to migrate in order to survive.

not everyone needed to be involved in basic subsistence (food-generating) activities.

5)Slavery is an extremely repressive system of stratification (i.e., one relying heavily on physical force). Therefore, when slaves, such as Spartacus and Nat Turner and their followers resisted the institution of slavery, they typically?????

embraced peaceful, non-violent forms of protest.

embraced murderous violence against their former masters and enslaving governments.

believed that their masters would ultimately sense their unhappiness and respond humanely by freeing them.

none of the above.

6) We generally think that people who experience upward social mobility have a much better life. However, in what way may it be negative for such people?

decreases the financial resources now available to them.

enables them to have greater power in making such decisions as where and how they will live.

increases insecurity and anxiety as to where they now fit in within their society.

increases the educational opportunities available to their children.

may increase their levels of social esteem and self-respect.

7) Which type of mobility is evident when high status couples have comparatively fewer children than lower status couples, thus making room for bright and hardworking offspring of lower-status parents to move up?





none of the above

8) In terms of political power, which stratum was at the top of the traditional social ranking system of the Indian caste system?

kshatriyas or rajputs



harijan or Dalits


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