Question 1 Initially, due to the Thirty Years’ War, most French colonists in North America were:

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Question 1

Initially, due to the Thirty Years’ War, most French colonists in North America were:

Catholics and Protestants

soldiers and nationalists

criminals and prostitutes

missionaries and educators

Question 2

Native peoples of New France (present day Canada) largely looked down on the Jesuits who were attempting to proselytize to them. Many natives thought Jesuits were:

animalistic because of their hairy appearance

strange because of their vows of celibacy

all of these

freeloaders because of their vows of poverty

Question 3

Jesuits attempted to convince native peoples of Catholic superiority by:

learning native languages

performing magic tricks, like writing

demeaning native shamans and medicine men

all of these

Question 4

British colonists believed that native populations needed to be “reduced to civilization,” which entailed:

demanding that native men cut their hair

forbidding the use of native languages

all of these

demanding natives to dress according to English customs

Question 5

Both British and French colonists:

taught natives to read the Bible

wore long black robes

established native school systems

demanded the natives to cultivate fields

Question 6

Natives who were successfully made in the image of British or French citizens:

were ostracized from both native and settler societies

became leaders and liaisons among the French and British

became leaders in their native nations

none of these

Question 7

The Ghost Dance was first envisioned by which native leader?

Sitting Bull

Kicking Bear

Crazy Horse

Prophet Wovoka

Question 8

The Dawes Act (1887) was US government policy that:

specified that native land could only be owned by individuals

apologized for the spreading of disease among native peoples

demanded natives to wear English attire

justified the killing of native peoples

Question 9

Sweat lodges and ceremonial pipes have become important signifiers of:

Pan-Native spirituality

Navajo cultural history

US policies of freedom of religion

Lakota religiosity

Question 10

The Native American Church refers to:

Native American Protestant Christianity

Peyote Religion

a combination of native rituals including sweat lodges and ceremonial pipes

Native American Catholicism

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