MY NAME IS ESTEBAN TANKOU KEVIN COURSE FINA 4330 INSTITUTION UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT TYLER. security and portfolio management Final report paper on my strocktrak perfomance. Strocktrack current

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security and portfolio management Final report paper on my strocktrak perfomance.


trocktrack current perfomance


BUYING POWER $1,194,765.05       CURRENT RANK 23/32

Personal notes

I heavily invested in stock that are thought would appraise for day trading and also in bond that followed my defense strategy. I mostly investor in the phamarceutical, food and tech industry. I was original given 1 million dollars to manage.


Please be as specific as possible in covering the topics required as below.  You are writing this report to the current (potential future) clients. So, your report should start with “Dear Valued Clients”.

Strategy  (Three Pages)

Over last 10 weeks of trading period we have observed 1) a big jump in yields (especially 10-year Treasury)  2) strong sign of inflation  3) hawkish Fed.

1. You must first identify who you are : Are you value trader? growth trader?  defensive or offensive? or else? For this, 1) identify the current macro-economics, geopolitical/market events which deem to be relevant to your investment strategy 2) discuss macro factors (i.e., interest rate and inflation) that could affect your choice of style (i.e., value, growth, defensive, offensive, etc. ) 3)  articulate what would be potential risk/return of your choice of style. For example growth investors seek companies that offer strong revenue (eventually earnings) growth while value investors seek stocks that appear to carry stable cash-flow generation. You may justify your choice of style using PE or other factors.

2. Describe your choice of specific industries (sectors), which are believed to be consistent with your choice of style.  Don’t talk about individual stocks you invested. For example if you claim your style of investment is offensive, you may invest industries such as autos, chemicals, banks, retail and industrials; If you declarer your investment style  defensive  industries such as health care, utilities, food, and consumer staples are your choice.

Review  (Two Pages)

Evaluate your performance (strategy) relative to your goals (objective) and the markets’ performance during the period.

1. Is the premise of your strategy intact?2. Has anything fundamentally (including geopolitical event ) changed for the sector you invested? 3. Review the positioning of your portfolio relative to the benchmark.

Format1. The expected length of the text part of the paper is at least five pages, double spaced, and no longer than six pages. Your paper should present at least two graphs (figures), and  all data used for the paper, including figures, graphs and charts should be adopted from Eikon. You will lose seven points if you fail to use any data/figures  from Eikon. Figures, graphs and charts do not count toward the required pages.

2.  Your paper must have at least ten outside references from news articles, books and periodicals in the library and other Internet sources if you wish. You may use all ten references from internet based sources. (maximum ten points penalty)

3. For style of your paper, you are require to use MLA style and  and you should be consistent in its use. Each reference you list on the last page of your paper should be cited in your paper. Thus the article cited in text should be matched on the article listed on the reference.  Any mis-handling of citations will be significantly penalized. (maximum 20 points penalty) to an external site.

4.  Put your name in header and submit just one copy with both names on it. You must start the paper with “Dear Valued Clients” ( five point penalty)


This paper assignment is due 11:00 p.m Nov 18th. If a paper is submitted late, its numerical grade will be reduced by 50% of the maximum possible score per day. Most importantly, all materials submitted for grades should be your original work and not a copy of other’s works. Presenting other’s work without appropriate citation will be treated as act of cheating.


  1. Presentation Guide
  • What to present?  Your paper!
  • Time window :Nov16 – Dec 2  :

We have 21 teams to present but only have 4 class days for presentation. To accommodate all teams for presentation for all presentation days, starting Nov 16, we have to meet a bit earlier (12:10P instead of 12:20P) and dismiss the class a bit later (01:25P instead of 01:15P).  If you cannot come early or have to leave early you should email me by  Oct 28.  If you don’t have any schedule conflict please choose the slot for either first or last slot of presentation day! If you have schedule conflict with other class (i.e., mock interview or athlete) please make sure to slot that avoid the conflict.

  • Format:

    • Prepare a power point presentation of maximum 15 slides that synthesizes your short paper.
    • Make a presentation to class of 15 minutes maximum.
  • For good presentation

    • Both substance and clarity of communication matter
    • Less texts better than more texts
    • Use animations to make the presentation relaxed, humorous and vivid
    • Slow and clear better than fast but unclear
    • Well organized with key points highlighted
    • Rich background information
    • Don’t look down and read
  • Submission: Please upload your presentation file (in either Powerpoint or PDF format) to the course Canvas by 12:10 PM Nov 16.

2. Bonus/penalty

  • Attendance Check Bonus

    • You will be award 3 points attendance bonus for each presentation day if you come to class on time and stay for all presentations for the day.
  • Q&A Bonus (20 points total available).All students are highly encouraged to ask questions and make comments after the presentations. Each student may ask up to 2 questions each presentation day (2 point/question, 4 points total each presentation day). Since we have all sixteen presentations scheduled, you may earn up to total of 4 points each day by asking questions (or making comments) relevant to the topic presented. Your questions/comments should make sense. Your accumulated presentation bonus points will be added to your final exam grade.
  • PenaltyIf you fail to present your own, your presentation grade will be “zero” (no attendance and Q&A points) regardless of your attendance to others’ presentations. No exceptions!!!No matter what is your excuse, if you either leave the class without in-advance notice to the instructor or are absent from any of the presentation, you will lose all accumulated bonus points (both attendance and Q&A).

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