Using the primary sources in the American YAWP textbook or other verified sourcebases as evidence, write an argumentative, thesis-driven paper responding to the following prompt: In this class we have

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Using the primary sources in the American YAWP textbook or other verified sourcebases as evidence, write an argumentative, thesis-driven paper responding to the following prompt: In this class we have addressed in a broad and general sense how the development of the United States involved constant negotiations and transformations regarding a number of political and sociological issues, including race, gender, sexuality, and class. In this 6-7 page (approx. 1,500 words) double-spaced, Times New Roman font paper, please select one of these issues or themes and make an argument for how it has evolved over the course of American history in the wake of the Civil War. Please use 5 primary sources, at least.   For outside sources for this paper assignment, please email me so I can review and pre-approve – this is intended to be an opportunity for you to take on the role of a historian and do close readings of primary sources in order to come to a larger conclusion about the nature of our culture and society.   Things to note: Not all primary sources give the same information, nor are they “equally useful.” Part of this assignment is assessing whether or not you are able to adeptly analyze and employ these sources to support a claim. This is harder than it looks, and I urge you to take time with this paper and ask any questions or voice any concerns that you may have. Remember to think about what we talked about early in our class – what do these primary sources say, how do they say it, how are they limited, who is the audience, and why do they matter? Please note that plagiarism is unacceptable and will result in a failing grade.

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