ch5.1Delsing Canning Company is considering an expansion of its facilities. Its current income statement is

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The company is currently financed with 50 percent debt and 50 percent equity (common stock, par value of $10). In order to expand the facilities, Mr. Delsing estimates a need for $3.2 million in additional financing. His investment banker has laid out three plans for him to consider:

  1. Sell $3.2 million of debt at 14 percent.
  2. Sell $3.2 million of common stock at $20 per share.
  3. Sell $1.60 million of debt at 13 percent and $1.60 million of common stock at $25 per share.

Variable costs are expected to stay at 50 percent of sales, while fixed expenses will increase to $2,420,000 per year. Delsing is not sure how much this expansion will add to sales, but he estimates that sales will rise by $1 million per year for the next five years.

Delsing is interested in a thorough analysis of his expansion plans and methods of financing.He would like you to analyze the following:


The break-even point for operating expenses before and after expansion (in sales dollars).

(Enter your answers in dollars not in millions, i.e, $1,234,567.)

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