Exercise 18.14, 1. 848 Some of the most recent financial statements for Barium Pty Ltd are shown below :

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i I cannot understand some items of the answer, can you please explain for me, thank you so much.

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Exercise 18.14, 1. 848Some of the most recent financial statements for Barium Pty Ltd are shown below :`HYLAND PTY LTDComparative Statements of Financial Positionas at 30 June2020ASSETS2021Cash at bankAccounts receivable*$ 56 000$ 3600068 000Inventory192 000Sales equipment22120 000Accumulated depreciation – sales equipment4 000Land( 36000 )( 60 000 )160 00080 000Buildings240 000240 000Accumulated depreciation – buildings( 12000 )( 20 000 )LIABILITIES AND EQUITY$720 000$712 000Accounts payableBank overdraft$ 96000$ 104 00040 000Equity584 0.00608 000$720 0.00$712.000HYLAND PTY LTD{ Income Statementfor the year ended 30 June 2021Sales revenue*Expenses :$360 000Cost of sales:"Beginning inventory$ 192 000Purchases224 000$16000Ending inventory224 0.00$192 000Depreciation – sales equipmentDepreciation – buildings28000Other expenses ( paid in cash )8000Loss on sale of land80 000Loss on sales of equipment16000Profit12.0003:36.000$24 0.00Additional information*( a ) All purchases and sales of inventories are on credit!`( b ) On 1 July 2020 , the shareholders injected a further capital contribution of $ 28 0.00 cash intothe business .ACCT 5023 Financial Accounting _ Preparation Question Solutions _ Topic SPage 8 of 10


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