Discussion Question: Communicating Strategy

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I need answer this response for discussion question and please need citation and reference for this response thank you.

I definitely agree with this communication strategy. From this one roadmap the whole organizations activities are defined for the year and without know why employees are doing something leads to a disconnect between them and the upper management. The question raised in by the CEO to the employee as to how the work they were doing aligned to one or more items on the roadmap was a key question. It shows that the organization has a mission and to accomplish that requires all members of the organization to be aligned. In our organization this is a key deliverable for our work and is measured through performance feedbacks held three times a year. There is a company roadmap and from that each division has their own roadmaps created that will align to one or more of the objectives. We assess what items on the roadmap we are working towards and if there is a need to realign ourselves in order to meet our targets or even adjust the scorecard as needed. Employees used to complain that there was no clear form of communication through various surveys and our senior management took this as one of the tools to use in addition to leadership forums and other flow-down methods.

The benefits are that all employees are aware of what the organizations objectives are and they know how their work fits into these objectives. It identifies four components of a business, Financials, Internal Business Processes, Learning and Growth, and Customer Satisfaction and Appeal (Bowen R. and McDonough M., 2011). With these four components it is easy to tell how a company is performing and shows a balanced view of the company hence the name balanced scorecard.

Although the scorecard is overall a great tool to use there are a few drawbacks such as having to spend a lot of time to create the objectives in order to clearly identify the company’s priorities and the four components do not include detailed information on a businesses financial health (Bowen R. and McDonough M., 2011). This scorecard can be seen as a non-value added reporting tool or a distraction from achieving actual goals (Wilhite T., 2017). The scorecard is something that is used as a guide to achieve results and can be adjusted as the year goes on in order to align with activities and show success.



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