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525- to 700-word


your research from the text and any additional professional or regulatory guidance and


your response consistent with APA guidelines.

Use 3-5 peer-reviewed sources for your report.

Investopedia and Wikipedia

are not peer-reviewed sources.

Intro and a conclusion

.  This is required by APA.

Proofread is required.

See attachement for more info.

Review the “Am I Ethical” section in Chapter 9.  Formulate your response to the question.  Review the author’s solution to the question on page 192.  Write a 525- to 700-word paper between that accomplishes the following: Explain the answer to the question of whether or not you should call the hotline to report your concerns and the reason supporting your decision, identifying any professional guidance that is relevant. Discusses any differences between your response and the author’s answer or reasons. Identifies what the confidential information in the scenario is. Analyzes why the client would want the information to remain undisclosed and what the potential issues could be if the information was disclosed. Cite your research from the text and any additional professional or regulatory guidance and format your response consistent with APA guidelines. Page 192 is the following; AM I ETHICAL? As the owner of several nearby apartment buildings, you have become concerned about gun violence in your neighborhood. Out of concern for your tenants, you recently informed them that you will not renew their leases if they own or possess a gun. You clearly stated that your policy will be enforced “without any exceptions.” Several tenants have complained vigorously. One tenant is an avid hunter who claims that your policy violates his Constitutional rights. Another tenant is a policeman who, as a condition of employment, is required to have access to a gun at all times. A third tenant is a woman who is afraid of her abusive ex-boyfriend. Is your policy ethical? No, because the Constitution protects the private right of gun ownership No, regarding the tenant who justifiably needs protection from her ex-boyfriend Yes, as long as the policy is modified to permit the policeman to retain his gun Yes, under all circumstances The SOLUTION is revealed at the end of the chapter. SOLUTION TO “AM I ETHICAL?” [C] A CPA may never disclose confidential client information without first obtaining the client’s specific consent. Information concerning the client’s possible violation of minimum wage laws was nonpublic, and its disclosure could cause substantial harm to the client. As a result, the client had a reasonable expectation that this confidential information would remain undisclosed. The accountant’s potential receipt of a reward is irrelevant.

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