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Agency’s Law and Ethics of Hiring a Diverse Workforce Laws Affecting the Agency Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA)        This an act that was put in place to prohibit discrimination of employees who are at the age of forty or more in all aspect of employment process. An employee or an applicant of age 40 years and above must be provided with equal employment opportunity like the other younger employees in an organization. If an employee charges an organization of discrimination and the employer cannot show the job requirement was a matter of business necessity the employer might be sued (Understanding the Legal Context of Assessment-Employment Laws and Regulations with Implications for Assessment 2015). However, some groups are exempted from the ADEA coverage this groups include; public law enforcement personnel (police officers, and fighters) and uniformed military personnel. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)-1972 This is very helpful act in enforcing federal laws and thus prohibiting employment discrimination. The EEOC receives, processes, and investigates charges of unlawful employment practices of employers filed by an individual, a group of people, or one of its commissioners (Understanding the Legal Context of Assessment-Employment Laws and Regulations with Implications for Assessment 2015).  In a scenario, which the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission determines that unlawful employment practice that has “reasonable cause” has occurred the commission is authorized to sue on behalf of the charging individual. Personnel Recruitment and Hiring Practices        Currently, most people have become tolerant LGBT community (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender). However, even with the societal change, there are no corresponding changes in the corporate recruitment functions. The corporates seem unwilling to redesign their programs so as to recruit the LGBT community (Grundmann 2014) effectively.  Agencies should address the issue of LGBT in their recruitment and hiring practices because of some reasons. The LGBT community (depending on where a firm is located) may contribute to 10% of the working population (Sullivan 2013). Thus, living the community out implies that 10% of the workforce remain unemployed and the thus economy of the country would be significantly affected. Moreover, not employing 10% of the labor force may increase the cases of burglary as the people need their basic needs. The LGBT community is also different hence they are diverse (a very necessity for an organization) thus including into the hiring system would promote diversity and thus better decision-making. Nevertheless, having gay representatives is very crucial as they would likely increase corporate sales from gay customers. Thus, the agencies need to address the issue of LGBT in the recruitment and hiring practice. However, the LGBT community should not be addressed as the people attribute to a small percentage of the world population.  The people’s behavior is not accepted by many individuals in the society thus employing them into an organization may destroy the reputation of an organization and furthermore, seem as if the group is supporting the behavior. The community tries to defy nature and promoting it put our future generation at risk. For instance, man and woman are to reproduce and ensure the continuity of their genus just like the other living organisms, however, promoting LGBT somehow discourages the proper procreation that human being has thus the concerns of the LGBT should not be addressed as the society will be significantly affected. Ethics and Diversity Training Department of Health and Human Services is in regards to providing training programs to its new and existing employees is very keen to ensure that it provide the best training to make their employees more efficient when doing their work. DHHS provide all types of training to its employees ranging from computer-based confidentiality training from access to EIS and MECMS. All sectors have training ranging from child care to personal support specialist or Certified Residential Medication Aide.  Thus, the organization ensures it has only the best employees of at any time. Moreover, the employees are trained on the issues related to substance abuse thus making the organization have employees who do not do drugs and thus healthy. The agency use it resources to effectively reduce substance abuse problems in the workplace. The new and existing employees are trained vividly on how to abstain from substance abuse or recover from addiction for those who are addicted. Nevertheless, the agency trains it financial personnel on the issues related to financial reporting requirement. Thus, making the organization to have very accountable employees in the sector of finance therefore the making the agency to monitor its activities keenly. However, the training system in DHHS has some weakness especially to the new employees for instance Personal Support Specialist have to have a 50-hour training program before the employee is enrolled into the company (Training Resources 2017). the time for the training is such little considering that some employees are usually slower learners. Recommendations for Recruiting and Training a Diversified Workforce        The training given by the Department of Health and Human Services tend to be more focused on the new employees than the existing employees. The existing are also imperative to the agency and with time would have lost some ideas regarding the company thus they ought to be trained more. The employees are the driver’s force of the organization and ought to be occasionally trained to better their performance. Training the employees also motivate the workers thus making them work with determination for the group. Moreover, training the existing employees would also improve their competency in the agency. Training the employees not only better their performance but also make the team retain its best employees. Department of Health and Human Services should also allocate more time to train the everybody. People are diverse, while some people comprehend things quickly some take longer to grasp things thus rushing over the training would not be effective. When the time for training is added, everybody will benefit thus promoting the performance of the society. Additional time make the workers concentrate on the training programs thus making them comprehend the information more vividly. Another possible way to better their training performance is dividing them into various according to their ability. This will ensure that everybody benefits from the program. Moreover, it will make the agency to be more productivity and promote diversity in the society.

Professors feedback

Excellent recommendations outlining solutions for HR diversity and training / recruiting improvements for the public work force. I would have liked to see more elaboration referencing the proposal details – specifying the training elements for a diverse work force. References are adequate – supporting and defending your solutions. Ensure you use APA formatting in a Word document

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