ACC498 Module 2 Quiz 2017 (A+++++ Answer)

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QuestionQuestion 1Which step immediately follows the identification of a problem in the decision-making process?Question 1 options:Selecting an optionWeighing decision criteriaImplementing a decisionDeveloping alternativesSelecting decision criteriaQuestion 2The basic belief of the quantitative approach is that:Question 2 options:you should reward employees on a fixed ratio should reward employees on a variable ratio should apply statistical models and computer simulations to managerial activities.there is “one best way” to make an organization effective and efficient.Question 3Which of the following is most likely a structured problem?Question 3 options:How to load a new program on your computerHow to purchase the computer that is right for youHow to find the best software for your computerHow to create a blog on your computer that is popularHow to prevent your computer from crashingQuestion 4For managers, communication can’t be overemphasized, because __________ requires communication.Question 4 options:Supervising and monitoring employeesPlanningDecision makingEverything a manager doesQuestion 5Human resource management involves training, motivating, and retaining competent employees.Question 5 options:TrueFalseQuestion 6Performance-based pay is also known as __________.Question 6 options:skill-based payvariable payadministrative paybenefit payintensive payQuestion 7Frank and Lillian Gilbreth are important contributors to:Question 7 options:scientific management.the quantitative approach to management theory.organizationalbehavior.general administrative theories.Question 8Leaders are __________.Question 8 options:the final step in the leadership processindividual people who study the leadership processindividual people, while leadership is a processthe first step in the leadership processQuestion 9All of the following are part of the process of organizational design except __________.Question 9 options:deciding how specialized jobs should bedetermining goals for the organizationdetermining rules for employee behaviordetermining the level at which decisions are madeQuestion 10What does the path-goal theory state?Question 10 options:Leaders should create in-groups to better achieve objectives.Leader participant is usually a situation-dependent factor.Leader control is most dependent on the current organizational goal.A leader’s function is to create goals and help employees reach them.Leadership style is dependent on the experiences of followers.Question 11You are a manager working in the human resources department of a large company that is currently in need of an advertising executive. Part of your job entails the creation of a selection process to find the best person available for the job. What would you use in your selection process, paying careful consideration to issues of validity and reliability important to the human resources?Question 11 options:A subjective assessment from the outgoing head of the departmentA college degree and already being an employee of the companyA physical skills test and at least five years of marketing experienceAn advanced degree in marketing and at least ten years’ experienceA background in corporate advertising and ability to pass a written testQuestion 12Which of the following is one of the major characteristics of an organization?Question 12 options:Specified organizational hierarchyRules guiding the actions of membersA plan to achieve profitA single, defined authority figureExternal supportQuestion 13The most successful early trait theories focused on __________.Question 13 options:traits of followerstraits that distinguish leaders from non-leaderstraits of famous leaderstraits associated with leadershipQuestion 14Which statement demonstrates the telling style of managerial leadership, according to the situational leadership theory?Question 14 options:A manager provides strict direction but also is available for future questions and concerns.An office manager allows his employees free rein to work as they choose, as long as they remain within a set budget.A staff manager lays out specific directions to employees on their precise tasks for the coming week.A manager describes a basic end goal to staff and then tells them they come to him if they need further advising.A staff’s manager offers suggestions on task completion but allows employees to discuss alternatives.Question 15What is an organization?Question 15 options:Deliberate arrangement of people to accomplish a specific goalTwo or more peopleAny group of peopleMany people with varied tasksQuestion 16What final step must occur before the process of decision making can be completed?Question 16 options:The establishment of criteriaThe statement of a problemThe evaluation of the decisionThe implementation of an alternativeThe development of alternativesQuestion 17Which organization would the transformational model probably least likely be applied to?Question 17 options:A car repair shop that also sells automotive partsA wholesale clothing retailerA major chain sporting goods storeA small lawn care businessA family-style restaurantQuestion 18Staff managers have authority over __________.Question 18 options:special support employees onlyline managersthe person above them in the chain of commandmiddle managersQuestion 19__________ departmentalization is based on territory or the physical location of employees or customers.Question 19 options:FunctionalGeographicMatrixDivisionalQuestion 20The __________ prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, or sex.Question 20 options:Equal Pay ActSarbanes-Oxley ActCivil Rights Act, Title VIIPrivacy Act

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