Please help 11. Common stock is valued at 500,000 and Long-term debt is valued at 300,000. What is the WACC ifcommon stock costs .15 and long-term

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Please help

16. If a stock is purchased for $15, receives a $1 dividend, and is sold a year later for $20, what is the return to the investment?

a. 33%

b. 40%

c. 43%

d. 5%

17. A $1 million project was delayed for 3 years. If the inflation rate is 5% how much shoul be budgeted to fund the project after the delay?

a. $1.2 million

b. $1.3 million

c.. $1.0 million

d. $0.8 million

18. If a firm has a 10% net margin on $100 million sales and a 20% payout ratio, what is the addition to retained earnings?

a. $10 million

b. $20 million

c. $8 million

d. Cannot be determined

19. If a firm has $50 million of sales, 30 million of operating expenses, 10 million of depreciation, and a 20% tax rate, what is its net income?

a. 20 million

b. 8 million

c. 18 million

d. 10 million

20. If a 5-year zero coupon bond sells for 900, what is its yield to maturity?

a. 0%

b. 10%

c. 2.13%

d. 2.22%

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