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the question is described below 2

I wrote a paper from jazz class and I got feedback to improve it. please follow the feedback to write the final draft. here is my feedback: Good paper, make sure to include the following in the final draft:Album information: – title, artist, record label (company) and album #, and a listing of musicians performing […]

final project 199

Please organize/ combine individual milestones w1-w5 to one full page. Organize the references so that they are in APA format Address all comments in red and remove them add an executive summary ensure that paper is in 3rd person please make all updates and follow the rubric Please remove all uneccesary feedback and cover sheet

This assignment is a presentation that allows you to apply what you have learned in this course,…

This assignment is a presentation that allows you to apply what you have learned in this course, as well as strengthen your presentation skills. Introduction Provide an overview of the portfolio. Professional Presentation  1. Choose a topic from the course and define an audience (e.g., educators, administration, parents, students, legislators) for the presentation.  2. Design a […]

general anthropology

essay Necessity is the mother of invention, and humans are the masters of innovation. Identify an issue, problem, or challenge that required a change (like the shift in food acquisition in chapter 8). Describe the issue, what caused the issue, why there was a need to solve/fix the issue, and what the solution was/is to […]

field trip humanities

I need to post a homework which is a field trip report. It needed to be finished by visiting museum or art gallery in chicago. Detail:To convince students that the humanities is not suffering, dying, or dead, but instead a living, evolving, and eternal endeavor, students will embark on an independent field trip to a […]

research paper submission 1

You are required to write a graduate-level research papers providing an in-depth analysis of Apply the concepts to human ability to utilize and understand taste stimuli having the applied relevance to sensation and perception.Your papers should report on current research and should focus on research, knowledge, and information available from the primary professional literature. Papers […]