philosophy 17

This is an open-book essay exam. Please answer ALL THREE QUESTIONS in essay form. You are expected to provide short essays demonstrating specific understanding of the various theorists and concepts. In the body of your essay, you must use parenthetical citations from your textbook and/or packet materials. Each essay should be equivalent to at least one double-spaced page. Turabian Style 6th edition. There are three questions, each one has to be answered in a separate page.


1.       1. Compare and contrast Plato and Aristotle’s view of politics as the exercise of reason and moral virtue. Be specific.

2.       2. Identify and discuss three main factors in Machiavelli’s approach to political thought and practice that are considered to be a break from the previous classicalist thinkers, establishing an approach to modern political thought.


3.       3. Compare and contrast Hobbes’s and Locke’s rationale for Man’s willingness to leave the state of nature and enter into the kind of social contract each presents. Please be specific. Keywords: human nature, state of nature, reason, natural law, natural rights, freedom, inconveniences, property, civil society, consent, security, and sovereignty.

3.9Learning About Other Countries(Objs. 4, 6)

3.9Learning About Other Countries(Objs. 4, 6)”>”>When meeting business people from other countries, you will feel more comfortable if you know the basics of business etiquette and intercultural communication, such as greetings, attire, or dos and don’ts. On the Web you will find many resources, some more reliable than others.YourTask.Visit Executive Planet at http://www.executiveplanet.comand the International Business Center’s site at the URL doesn’t work, use Google to search for International Business Etiquette.) Click the region or the individual country link to obtain brief but useful information. For example, the International Business Center site is divided into some of the following aspects: Fun facts, appearance, behavior, communication, resources, and so forth. You can also ask questions and receive personalized feedback. This Web site provides analysis based on renowned Dutch psychologist Geert Hofstede’s five dimensions of culture applied to each country.Peruse both Web sites and answer the following questions:a. How do people greet each other in Australia, India, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, and Spain?b. In what countries is it important to keep a certain distance from the person you are greeting?c. In what countries is a kiss appropriate?

hum 205classical societies essaygreek period 0

cyber security threat intelligence framework 1

I need to have introduction about “cyber security threat intelligence framework”


1- Three pages with single space including citiation

2- Only three refrences are needed

3- When you finish attaching your papers that you cited in the paragraph to review what you written make sure its Published not less than 2016 which is not acceptaple to go further 2015 or more

administrative health care annotated bibliography 1

Use the University Library to locate peer-reviewed research articles related to a research study about health or health care issues, concerns, or trends.

  • The research article must describe a research study, not an editorial or brief.
  • The research study must be based in the United States from 2010 to the present.
  • It is recommended that you select health topics of interest to you or your job, with no complex statistical analyses.

Review the Researching Articles in the University Library Tutorial for help finding articles.

Select at least 3 peer-reviewed articles to use to complete an annotated bibliography. The 3 research articles can be based on the same or different topics. Topic ideas can include (but not limited to):

  • Adolescent obesity (select different geographic locales: urban vs rural)
  • Infection rates among ICU patients
  • Readmission rates for congestive heart failure patients
  • Patient satisfaction or patient experience of care
  • Population health management in diabetes care
  • Care coordination or care continuum
  • Patient safety or quality management
  • Cancer screening compliance, such as mammography, colonoscopy, or Pap smear

Complete the annotated bibliography based on the 3 articles you selected from the University Library.

Review the sample annotated bibliography provided by the University Library. Include the following for each bibliography:

  • Summarize the research study in your own words (150 words)
  • Include the major areas of the research study, such as the sample, geographic location, and the outcome.
  • Bibliographies should not include any direct quotes or in-text citation.

Note: One of the research articles you select will be used in the Week Three Learning Team assignment, Components of a Research Study.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. Remember to alphabetize your annotated bibliography. Include a title page at the beginning of your bibliography.

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15 multiple choice questions about international financial management

15 Multiple Choice Questions about International Financial Management, include conceptual and calculated questions (Step by step solutions are needed for calculated questions)

4 4 the federal aviation act of 1958 plg1 1

In 2000, when I was the Airport Manager at Phoenix-Goodyear Airport (owned by the City of Phoenix), located about 25 miles west of downtown Phoenix, we dedicated a brand new terminal building. The aviation department’s art curator thought it a good idea to hang a picture of a TWA Lockheed Constellation flying over the Grand Canyon in a prominent place in the lobby. I emphatically said, “NO,” and proceeded to tell her the story you are about to read.

~Reflections from Shawn Arena, Course Developer

Read Grand Canyon Collision – The greatest commercial air tragedy of its day! (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. from, which details the circumstances surrounding one of the most prolific aircraft accidents of all time—the June 1956 mid-air collision between two commercial aircraft over the Grand Canyon. Prepare a case analysis addressing the factors surrounding the enactment of the Federal Aviation Act of 1958.

IMPORTANT! You must use this Case Analysis Template!

discussion 1727



Post 2 posts –an initial post and a reply post to a classmate
You have to post your initial post before you can view others’ posts
Two bonus points are earned for posting both required posts before Friday.

Topic Initial Post

View and analyze these advertisements from the Virginia Gazette newspaper for runaway servants and runaway slaves.
You must use both servant and slave advertisements from 2 of the 3 links below.
Demonstrate to me you read the advertisements by using examples and illustrations from these ads.
–You must show you read at least 2 ads for runaway servants and 2 ads for runaway slaves. ( 4 ads in all).
Use ads illustrations and examples from different advertisements and use at least 2 links below.
Cite the source by specific date,

Answer these 2 questions:

1) After reading the advertisements, what did you learn about runaways, both servants and slaves? Cite the specific ad or ads (month and year). Be specific.
2) What surprised you? (Be specific) Cite the specific ad or ads, month and year
runaway servant and slave ads from September 1737 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
runaway servant and slave ads from February 1738 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
runaway servant and slave ads from September 1745 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Definitions of terms used in the ads

See these links for definition of pistole reward (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and a list for a full glossary of terms (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Review the definitions and differences between slaves and indentured servants (servants). They are not the same.

Reply post

Post one reply post to a classmate.
Your reply should be at least 3 sentences long.
Your reply should add new information beyond your initial post and different from what the student to which you reply stated.

Do not rewrite/repeat the questions in the assignment.
Do not embed images or illustrations
No direct quotations longer than 1.5 sentences
Post any questions to the Questions & Answers Discussion Week 3

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discussion board forum 2 1

Discussion Board Forums in which you will post a thread on the assigned topic, presenting your own opinion while integrating ideas (and citations) from the required reading and presentations for a total of 400–500 words.

Topic: Statesmanship in times of National Disunity

Prompt: Using examples of the leaders discussed in the required reading, discuss the key attributes needed for statesmanship, particularly during a time of national disunity. Support your examples with citations from the required reading, as well as with examples of specific actions and decisions made by the leaders discussed in this module/week’s required reading.


Newell: chs. 2–3, 7

Presentation: Statesmanship and Conflict by DR. Kahlib Fischer